Structure takes great pride in caring for our clients and appreciate your testimonials.

Deputy Scott S.


“I am so very thankful for you and Structure. When I saw Monica tonight she cries tears of joy and thanked me for the beautiful gift of massage that you gave her while she was in hospice care. She didn’t need pain meds until this evening, previously she was receiving them hourly. She was alert and ate her dinner and I know it was because of Structure!!!!”

Gloria M



“I had a stroke November 7, 2011 that resulted in facial paralysis of the right side . I asked Jeanette & Structure to come to the hospital and start my massage therapy sessions. With the permission of the hospital director and staff Jeanette worked on me. I regained function and feeling on the right side of my face within 5 days and I am able to smile again. The doctors and nurses were astonished by the amount of recovery within such a short amount of time. Your massages are incredible! Thank you. I am a CNA and have never seen such recovery within that amount of time. Thank you Structure.”



“My wife had a stroke during the holidays of 2012 where she lost complete function of her right side, she had no feeling in her right hand and suffered from facial paralysis, we were a little skeptical of how massage therapy could help however Structure gave us reasonable expectations. Jeanette and her employees made my wife a priority and within a week we were noticing positive differences, after a couple of weeks my wife was able to open and close her hand being able to hold our daughters hand again. Although her recovery may takes years the goal for us was to get motion back into her hand. Thank you to Structure!”



“I have been to Structure Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks many times and have referred others to them and they have all given me positive feedback on their experience. Jeanette has always been professional and I always leave feeling relaxed and ready for a nap. I have had massages at the Broadmoor, Massage Envy and Toccare to name a few but I personally like Jeanette the best. Jeanette keep up the good work. You are awesome and I am a customer for life. Thank you for employing others and much success on the future of your business. I no longer live in Colorado but I will definitely come back for a visit.”
Charbelle H.



“I love this place! I have always felt very comfortable and cozy. Jeanette is such a sweetheart. I have chronic shoulder pain and always get great relief and total relaxation. I will never go anywhere else!”
Juli C.



“I have had massages in alot of states and at many resort hotels. Wailea to mention one. I tried out about 4-6 different therapists in colo; springs before I found Jeanette. I have been going to her now for about 3 years, along with my husband, 2 sister-in-laws, 2 brother-in-laws and a father-in-law and mother-in-law. If my family visits me here, they go to her too. I’ve had plantar fascia, weak ligaments, back problems, pulled muscles etc; and I would not be gofing 4 times a week if I didn’t have Jeanette. Thank you Structure & Jeanette, we love you!!”
Dave T.



“I have used Structured Therapeutic Massage since 2006, when Jeanette and her family lived in Germany! Jeanette has always provided a very professional massage and consistently asks if the pressure during massage is enough or too much. She is thorough with health history, which I appreciate! My only wish is that I lived in CO so I could get a massage from Jeanette more often, as opposed to only getting them on business trips to the area. I will always use Jeanette when Im in CO, no other massage feels the same to me!”
Sheri T.



“My husband and I had been getting weekly massages from Jeanette for many years before she opened in her current location. My husband’s massage was very different than the ones I received; he is a bike rider and has appreciated all the techniques Jeanette has used and shown him. I went solely for relaxation. Jeanette was wonderful, ethical, and caring and very versatile in the different styles of massage she could use. I was very sad when Jeanette moved and look forward to getting a massage from her again when we are near her location (we plan to make a special trip just to see her again!). What a knowledgeable, experienced and caring person Jeanette is. We envy anyone who gets a massage from her!”
Lynette N.



“I have a herniated disc in my upper back and I wouldn’t trust anyone but Jeanette to get me able to move again! My son and I both go to Structure Therapeutic Massage and won’t go anywhere else! The office is so quiet and relaxing.”
Karen F.



“I have been a client of Jeanette’s’ for 6 years. I have always been impressed with her professionalism, caring, knowledge, and excellent massages. She has expanded her business to include other massage therapists who are just as excellent. I’ve had the Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and the hot Stone Massage. They have been able to get out the knots in my back like no one else. Jeanette’s office is clean, and comfortable. The tables have just the right amount of softness/firmness and no scratchy sheets. Soft, relaxing music plays in the background. I would highly recommend Structure Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. In fact, a massage is what my family gets for a Christmas gift and they just love it!!”
Inge P.



“DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! In 2010 I had knee surgery which was about 80% effective. The recovery was so long, that it produced severe balance impairment, manifested in walking crooked, tripping, etc. – all of which lead to a painful body. My knee was swollen, my lower back in a knot, and to add insult to injury, while tripping once, I fell and dislocated my clavicle. My body was what most people would call “a mess”.

In comes Jeanette and Structure Therapeutics. My first appointment started last winter with a thorough assessment of virtually each part of my body. Jeanette listened attentively to my detailed descriptions of all painful spots, injuries, etc., and made recommendations of specific massage techniques to which I agreed. Let me digress by adding here that Jeanette has had extensive European training with various experts from several European countries. Her professional repertoire of techniques is abundant and she has the professional wisdom to know when to apply each one. My messed-up and aching body was aided from the very first session. Clearly, Jeanette had a good understanding of the severity of my injuries and devised a plan to bring me up to normal. In the beginning, she even called me at home to check up on my wellbeing after treatment.

Her management of my injuries was so helpful, that I decided to see her weekly for a while. As a result, by the time spring came, I was able to do all my gardening, lift heavy things, and basically experience again a normal life. My knee will probably never be perfect, however, due to Jeanette’s approaches, the swelling is virtually gone, I am walking normally again, my lower back feels normal and pliable, my neck area is free from the excruciating stiffness and pain created by the dislocated clavicle.

A word about Rachel. I have worked with her quite a few times as well and highly recommend her. She always knows exactly which muscles to work on, which spots to insist upon, which one to avoid, and what amount of pressure to exert. There is never a casual approach about treatment. In fact, both Jeanette and Rachel begin the session by patiently listening to “my story of the day” and devise a plan for whatever specifically ails me most on that particular day.

“Structure” is a place I would highly recommend, especially for people with injuries and painful conditions, given that they know exactly how to address such items. In my case, depending on the day, the approach is either “deep tissue”, “gentle”, “detox”, “Russian”, “Swedish”, etc. type of massage. It is never cookie-cutter! Although my major complaints are mainly gone at this point, I continue going to Structure for sheer maintenance. It is my monthly treat to myself. I am in my upper 50’s, at a point where minor aches and pains creep up, where life-time toxins have accumulated, where stress becomes a daily fact but also at a point where I realize the real, welcome, relaxing benefits of massage therapy.

A sincere “thank you” to Jeanette, Structure. Kudos!”

Thank You



“The best massages I have ever had have been from Structure Therapeutic Massage and Body work. Jeanette is the only massage therapist who has ever been able to work on neck in such a way that I am able to turn my head enough to be able to look over my shoulder as I drive. When I arrive with tight muscles she uses heat to soften them before working on those tight places. One thing that I especially value about her is that she is always studying different types of massages and things to make the massages she gives more effective. For anyone looking for a truly effective massage Jeanette has my highest recommendation!”
Lyle S.



“While I don’t live in Colorado, I will tell you that Jeanette is a great massage therapist. Both me and my wife were clients for 2 years when we lived in Germany and saw Jeanette twice a month and sometimes weekly. She always presented a professional attitude and a relaxing environment. For her petite size, she surely packs a lot of strength in her hands and can apply whatever pressure you need. I lived in NC for 4 years and never found another therapist to equal her in skill and relaxation. I wished I lived in Colorado Springs every time I need a massage. Thanks Jeanette, hope to cross your path again someday!”
James J.
Lyle S.