Couples Massage Workshops

We get it; you’re a very busy person! With so many responsibilities taking up your time every day trying to balance the obligations of home, family, friends, and your career, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. You end up exhausted, stressed out, and without the time or energy to devote to the most important person in your life, your partner. How can you build the intimate relationship you want and need under those conditions? Relax. We have a solution!


At Structure Bodywork in Colorado Springs, we understand the need for intimacy between you and your significant other. That’s why we offer couples massage workshops in Colorado Springs for people who want to learn how to apply the amazing power of touch to bring healing and create intimacy in their relationships. The scientific explanation is that by releasing oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine in the body through massage, feelings of affection and intimacy are increased and couples feel more connected during the massage session and afterwards.



The simple fact is that therapeutic, healing massage is one of the most powerful ways to bring two people closer together. When you give the gift of massage to your loved one, you are giving a very tangible gift that can relax the mind and body, and refresh the soul of your partner. You can help your loved one heal physically, relieve mental stress, eliminate fatigue, ease tired muscles, relieve pain, and leave your other half feeling relaxed, revitalized, and more connected to you.


Structure Bodywork’s couples massage training was created with couples in mind. We understand how important your relationship is, and how vital it is to build an impenetrable intimacy that grows stronger day by day.  Colorado Springs couples massage workshop.


Here are just a few ways you can build intimacy by sharing the gift of a therapeutic massage session with your significant other:

  • Anniversary gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Christmas gift
  • Father’s Day gift
  • Graduation gift
  • Just Because
  • Mother’s Day gift
  • Raffle prize
  • Valentine’s Day gift


When you connect with your spouse through the power of touch, you create a special kind of communication; in a sense it’s your own special language spoken just between you two that no one else would understand. When you give your partner a therapeutic massage it creates an intimate bond between the two of you that is built on love and compassion, not sex.  The simple act of selfless giving you carry out by offering the healing benefits of a massage without expecting anything in return will build the kind of intimacy you desire and strengthen your relationship in a way nothing else can. It can be fun, too!


Sign up for a couples massage workshop today and experience the kind of intimacy in your relationship you’ve always wanted. Group classes are available twice a month, with private classes for couples also available.

Structure’s Couples Massage Classes are designed to teach a basic yet effective massage routine that will help each partner reduce muscle tension and enhance relaxation. The format of the class consists of a demonstration, followed by 30 minutes of supervised hands-on practice per person. “Couples” may consist of any two people with an interest in exchanging massage therapy.  Contact us a call at (719) 358-8653